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We bought a tracker from 24/7 and have used it for about 8 months. We enjoy it because it is simple to use on the app and both company directors can access it from anywhere on their mobile. The monthly charge is also one of the best in the industry, and there is always someone to speak with if we have any problems. We wholeheartedly endorse it.


All the very best wishes for the team to have a wonderful website and lovely products which will meet all my requirements. I am so excited and also looking forward to the launch of the great venture as I am confident with Hana that she will break through and come out with flying colours in this website and solve the problem of all parents like me to choose the best bikes and accessories for all lovely kids over there


This website will emerge with a beautiful concept about child tracking devices and everything parents  wish to have... beautifully designed. I love to look forward to this growth to get all my wishlist fulfilled soon. 


They intend to provide their consumers with a wide range of cutting-edge child tracking equipment. They've come a long way, so they know just which path to take when it comes to providing you with high-quality yet affordable products. All of this is provided while giving exceptional customer service and helpful support. They are continuously on the lookout for the latest trends in child tracking.

Keep Going... All the Best


Buy one now regardless of whether you have a kiddo with special needs. We've had AngelSense, TrackR Pixel, Relay, and the watch one (can't remember the name). AngelSense was the best but we had problems. Mainly, it's expensive, not always accurate, both of ours were glitchy (so were the replacements), and the school does not like the Listen In function. We tried several options, but Jiobit was the one we landed on.


Most of the kid trackers are GPS-based and only work outside or they are Bluetooth which has limited range. This one works inside and it has the alert on it. It worked for my grandson who wandered away at Jacksonville International Airport. I was able to track him down as security was taking him away and get him back. Security released him to me immediately when they saw the tracking device. It's not perfect but better than other devices out there