Of course. GPS trackers use the same technology we have in our phones. Bluetooth, GPS locating, and cellular signals are the main methods these devices use.

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Yes! Just:
    1. Go to the gadget detail page. (It's the page that shows the blue or green "Add to Cart" button.).
    2. Click the "Add to Cart" button, then "View Cart" button.
    3. Your browser will now show the Shopping cart. Scroll down just a bit and see the "Specify Destination" button.
    4. Click it.

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Most charges last for a couple days. If you plan to use a tracker every day, charge it at night when they get home just like you would charge your cell phone. 

Payment terms for all gadgets listed will be purely based on the terms available in the merchant website.

The Automatic PRO AUT-350 is a good choice if you want a no-frills GPS tracker with no monthly cost. It includes a free 3G connection and may be the only GPS tracker that supports Amazon Alexa.

Geofencing is a function present in a variety of GPS trackers. It enables you to create digital boundaries around trustworthy locations such as schools, houses, and communities. You will be notified when your child enters or exits that area.

While helicopter parenting is rarely essential, there are particular situations in which you should provide your child with a GPS tracker. A GPS gadget, for example, can assist parents with children who live in several families or have special needs in keeping track of their locations. In crowded areas, toddlers and small children may benefit from a small tracker attached to their shoelaces or clothing.