TRAX G+ 3G Real-Time GPS Tracker for Kids, Teens, Elders, Pets and Vehicles - Grey


  • Real-time tracker with update rates of up to every 10 seconds. For kids, teens, elders, pets, cars and other vehicles.
  • 3G connected device with built-in sim card. 2G fallback when 3G signal not available. Requires a Trax data plan to work, prices starting at $4 per month (6, 12, 24 months prepaid packages).
  • Small & Light (2.2” / 0.92oz), Shockproof & Waterproof (IP68) - perfect for tracking people in need of assistance and private assets.
  • Smartphone and free desktop App with unlimited Geofences & Alerts. Possible to track and share multiple devices.
  • Silicon Attachment Case with Keyring and Wireless Charger included in the box.

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Small in size, big in technology, Trax G+ combines a precise, real-time GPS tracker, with an intuitive smartphone and desktop app.

You can follow anything or anyone you care about in real-time, like small children, dogs, people in need of special attention, or objects like cars, bikes, boats, suitcases and commercial items.

  • Real-time Tracking: See live location of your trackers in the Trax G+ app, with location updates as frequently as every 10-seconds.
  • Geofences: Set multiple digital fences and receive alerts as a tracker enters or exits an area.
  • Scheduling: Want to monitor certain areas at specific times? Set individual schedules for geofence alerts that reflect your routines.
  • Augmented Reality: Use AR to quickly locate your tracker. The feature will access the camera on your smartphone, to show you live images. When you're pointing in the right direction, your Trax will show up on the screen.
  • Speed Alerts: Choose speed limits for your Trax and receive notifications if your tracker exceeds them.
  • Track Multiple Devices: Need to keep an eye on several trackers? You can add as many trackers as you need, all of them visible on your personal app account.
  • Share Trackers: When you set up a tracker you can easily share it with anyone who uses the Trax G+ App. You are in control at all times.
  • History View: See where your tracker has been the previous days and hours.
  • Smart Battery Management: Adjust the location update frequency if you need longer battery life.
  • International Coverage: Trax is a connected device. It has a built-in SIM Card and a subscription service, giving you free data roaming and the best possible coverage in 100+ supported countri

The Smart, Small & Light GPS Tracker

Small in size but big in technology, Trax combines a precise, real-time GPS tracker, with an intuitive smartphone and desktop app.

Dimensions: 2.2″ x 1.5″ x 0.4″

(55 x 38 x 10.7 mm)

Weight: 0.92oz (26g)