Mommy I'm Here CL-103PK/BR2pak Teddy Bear Remote Child Locator, 2-Pack, One Pink and One Brown


  • Locate your child with the push of a button long life batteries already installed and ready for immediate use
  • Water and shock resistant
  • Special two pack for more than one child batteries included and ready to use form the packaging

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The Mommy I'm Here CL103 line of remote child locators is like an invisible leash for your child, only better! These adorable and effective remote child locators will give you added peace of mind when out with your child. Have you ever turned around and your child is not there? Over 800,000 times a year a child is reported missing while out shopping or at public venues while with parents and caregivers. Now you can do something about it! This special Mommy I'm Here child locators two pack system comes with two adorable teddy bear receivers, two micro keychain remote transmitters and long life batteries are already installed and ready for immediate use! Simply press the button on your keychain transmitter when your child has wandered and you will hear the 90 decibel chirps coming from the teddy bear receiver worn on your childs shoe or belt. This will alert others to any situation your child may be facing, ward off a potential abductor and will allow you to follow the sound and find your child quickly. This special two pack system offers greater user flexibility, because you will be able to turn on and arm two teddy bear receivers to one transmitter if you wish to monitor two children with one remote. Or, if you prefer, simply turn on and arm both sets separately and you will be able to monitor two children with two separate remotes without interference because every time a Mommy I'm Here child locator is turned on and armed, they establish a new code out of a potential 1500 codes, making it nearly impossible to experience interference from other users. Please also have a look at our brand new line of Mommy I'm Here bear coats fashion covers to add even more style and protection for your investment. Get peace of mind and pick up your Mommy I'm Here remote child locators today!