YEPZON Smart Tracker 4G LTE, GPS Locator Device for Kids


YEPZON Smart Tracker 4G LTE, GPS Locator Device for Kids, Pets, Elderly, Strollers; Wearable Locator; Normal Service Plan

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  • Wearable WiFi and Bluetooth Tracker with Sensor Technology; connects to long-distance GPS* outdoors and short distance WiFi signals or Bluetooth signals indoors to define location; up to 3 days battery life in standby mode; Android and iPhone compatible
  • Small and lightweight wearable device is Waterproof (IP67, i.e. splashproof) and shockproof, to be worn on wristband or used on keychain, hidden in a bag or hanging on a stroller; with SOS button that directly alarms family members on Yepzon app; built-in collision and temperature sensor to alarm of sudden changes
  • Real-time tracking or updates within time frame of your choice; change settings and follow each tracker on your Yepzon App; geo-fence feature to manage traffic in and out of a chosen area; suitable to track and guard children, grandparents, as well as cats and dogs
  • Affordable service plans starting at $12.99 a month (with 12 month service-pack), first month free - Device is paired in 10sec to Yepzon app that collects no personal data, requires no account nor login
  • USB-C and Wireless Charging, included accessories: protective pouch, keyring, carabiner hook attachment. *Battery life may vary according to operating conditions, available networks, connection interval settings and device activity.